How Important is the Alternator in Your Car?

The alternator is responsible for many of the functions in your vehicle that you think the battery is taking care of. Consider these facts if you feel something is not quite right with the electrical system or the alternator.

The car battery has one main job: sending juice to the starter motor so the engine can crank over. Once your car motor is running, then the alternator begins powering up all the electrical devices throughout the vehicle. Your car's alternator is a small generator that gets its power from the crank wheel as the engine is running. The alternator powers the windows, instrument panel, gauges, door locks, stereo system, and navigation system. You'll know the alternator is failing when the lights or gauges are dim or failing to work.

At the very first signs of trouble with the car lights or gauges, come to our Nissan parts store in Savannah, GA and we'll test the alternator.

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