When Should a Professional Service Your Ignition?

It's important that car owners recognize common issues with their car. That is why our team at Grainger Nissan of Savannah, GA want to be sure that you know some obvious signs that your ignition needs to be serviced.

The first case in which you should seek the help of a trained service team is if there is oil covering the starter. This can be the result of a leak elsewhere in the vehicle, and can very quickly deteriorate the starter. A second reason why you should see a dealership for your starter is if what is known as "freewheeling" occurs. This is when you turn the key and instead of hearing the engine crank, only hear a high pitched whining noise.

If you are on the hunt for a car repair team with a ton of experience that charges very reasonable prices ,then be sure to either give us a call or stop on by our Nissan service depot to schedule an appointment at any time.