How to Jump-Start Another Car

Adding a set of jumper cables to the emergency kit you keep in the trunk of your car is a good idea. They take some basic understanding and a little practice but are easy to operate. The main concern is recognizing the positive and negative cables. The second thing to bear in mind is that the cables do produce an electrical current once connected. After you’ve attached the first cable, you need to be careful not to let the other cable ends touch a metal surface.

The positive charge is designated as the red cable or it may have a stripe. The negative charge is simply black. Begin with clamping the positive cable to the terminal with the "plus" sign on the dead battery; it indicates positive. Next, connect the black cable to the “minus” sign, on the same battery; that's the negative terminal. Move on to the good battery and repeat the process. Once attached, let them charge for a couple of minutes and then rev the engine of the good battery. The car needing the charge should turn over within one or two tries.

If the car doesn’t start after three or four attempts, there could be a more serious electrical issue. You should stop at that point and get it in for service. We are here at Grainger Nissan in Savannah, GA to assist you with all of your car maintenance concerns, and stock a variety of car battery replacements for your convenience.

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